Zango which is wrongly spelt and mentioned As Zongo are areas in the West African town populated by mostly Northern shael of African especially Nigerians ..

Zongo is one of the most populated communities In Ghana With the sole aim of Working hard to raise funds and return to thier country .

These towns are mostly known for thier hausa Language speaking as thier Lingua Franca, Within the Ten(10) regions in Ghana.

With Ashanti Region and Accra As the largest region with zongos as called collectively.

With Nima as the oldest and largest of them all which started early 1836 ..

The oldest


Zango Over the past Century has been Tagged as A Zone for hard workers which helps to eleviate the Economy and ease living standards in each Region they find themselves . With the amount of energy and zeal these communities put to work yet still development has been a massive problem over the years .

Lets concentrate on the largest of these Zongos called Nima .

Nima is often described as Accra’s largest slum. A community within Accra with the largest concentration of poor and illiterate (Source: Modern Ghana). Nima is characterized by being poorly planned and densely populated. There are no proper systems in these areas. Most of the households don’t have running water. Consequently, children have to fetch water every morning and every night needed by the family for their daily consumption. The walk and the carrying of these buckets on their heads are just one of their numerous chores.

  • The population of Nima and its neighbouring communities is about 2,909,643. Nima-Mamobi is predominantly a Muslim community, some have described it as the largest “Zongo” community in the country. Nima’s population come from all over Ghana and some come from outside of Ghana. Over 20 languages are spoken in Nima, and among our members at DUNK, 19 languages are spoken.

  • Nima is also known for its widespread adaptation of Internet Fraud. Many make a living out of these frauds and scams and can even buy cars, clothes or computers which can encourage others to dream about that kind of lifestyle. Internet frauds commonly known as “scamming” have become an epidemic in Nima and rare are those who will use that money to complete school or start a business. They will spend it until nothing is left creating that need to repeat this illegal practice over and over again.

  • Illiteracy is a major setback for the development of the community. Among the population of Nima, 34% never attended school and only 4% completed postsecondary or tertiary education. 60% of the population completed Primary school as their highest educational level and certification.

  • Our center in Nima provides a safe environment for children to make good use of their energy and time while fostering positive characters and influence to their peers and community through education and sports.

Lets talk about Zongo as A whole , many zongo communities ranging from Aboabo, Tafo_zongo, Sawaba in the Ashanti Region to Sekondi Zongo , effiekuma, Kwesimintim Ashaiman Zongo and other Zongos have been facing alot of Developmental crisis being it a good Education , Infrastructure, Roads and other vital social Amenities .

Recent Government elect has made possible means to help develop these Communities with thier Zongo development Policy which will help promote, eradicate and remove this socail difficulties. With the aim of building schools, hospitals and also provide amenities for example good drinking water, toilet facilities, sanitation bins and a well controlled and managed Landfill site for thier refuse .

Recent water shortage hits the following communities as reported by joynews .

1.Old Tafo


And citifmonline resoectively ..

The famous and Most celebrated among the people has also put in effort to help develop the community in which they find Themselves by contributing tokens and energy in developing the zongos .

Unity And strength thats what will bring a new zongo Interface…


Ashanti Region _kumasi



Today 14th Of June 2018, Muslims all around the globe ends their fasting which is the ramadan and Will observe Eid_ul_fitr tomorrow 15th of june 2018.

Muslims All over Will gather In Mosques, on fields and at their usual Place of worship, wearing the best cloths and shoes .

Eid_ul_fitr is one of the happiest Day on the islamic Calender. children are filled with gifts from candy and chocolate.

Chanting Takbir Allahu Akbar glorifying Allah for getting them this far, Young men gather in their numbers same as Young ladies .

On the eid day ,when You are Given A ladies hand in marriage do not aceept it .Because they all look like the Angels and they are very beautiful also. Said by

Abd. Hakeem

A young muslim Youth .

After the main Event, later in the Night Some young ladies and their Colleagues organizes their so Called After Sallah Bash And Sallah Pool Party .

Celebrations on the day of Eid is allowed but on various cases and instances .Young Ladies wear their short,light and tattered skirts without Hijab just in the name of Sallah party .

Just last year, In kumasi Nine People Died as a result of Sallah party at the conference center.


ISLAM does not teach Muslims to Engage in such practises not even for it to turn into much more bloody and deadly as addressed recently by the Al_Sunnah chief Imam of Ashanti _Region.

Telling All youth to Refrain and stop all these un islamic sallah celebration, he further said celebrations showcase joy and it should be done in a meaningful and with the shariah ..

Children and youth Can dress in their Sallah Attire and outfits come to gather and organise parties where foods and drinks would be shared among the muslims and the non muslims in the name of celebrating a joyful year and a memorable day …

Finally he advise every muslim to stay and play safe on the eid day .